Cremation Urns & Memorialization in Waynesboro, VA

At McCutcheon’s Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Waynesboro, VA, and Jones Funeral Home in Staunton, VA, we’re committed to working with you to create a way for you to honor and remember your loved one. That’s why we offer full body burial memorials and cremation urns that create a permanent resting place for your loved one. 

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Whether you choose a full body burial or a cremation service, we believe memorialization is always important for you and your family. That’s why we offer memorial services that personalize the permanent resting place of your loved one. 

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Cremation Urns

We provide a full line of cremation urns that differs in material, size, and color. In addition to urns, we also can create a memorial to house the urn. When you choose a cremation urn from McCutcheon's Funeral Home & Cremation Services and Kenneth L. Jones Funeral Home, you’ll be able to always remember and honor your loved one. 

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Affordable Funeral Services

The cost of a funeral includes all the services of a funeral director, merchandise, such as caskets and urns, and transportation. Other costs may apply. In general, funeral homes make only a modest profit. Some people can’t afford basic funeral services. Other than the family, there are veteran, union, and other organizational benefits to pay for funerals, including, in certain instances, a lump sum death payment from Social Security. In most states, some form of public aid allowances is available from either the state, county, city, or a combination. Most funeral directors are aware of the various benefits and know how to obtain them.

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Call McCutcheon's Funeral Home & Cremation Services or Kenneth L. Jones Funeral Home to set up an appointment and discuss memorial options for your loved ones. Our friendly team is always here to help!

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