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At McCutcheon’s Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Waynesboro, VA, and Jones Funeral Home in Staunton, VA, we go above and beyond to take care of your family when a loved one passes away. After more than 55 years of business, we’re the professionals when it comes to comprehensive funeral services that are both dependable and affordable. We help you plan a funeral that beautifully honors your loved one, while also providing grief support for you and your family. 
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Why Should I Plan a Funeral for My Loved One?

A funeral or memorial is a customary way to recognize death and its finality. Funerals are held for the living to show respect for the dead and to help survivors begin the grieving process. They also give mourners a chance to share stories, create memories, fulfill religious beliefs and customs, engage with a support system, and gather at a peaceful place during a time of confusion and uncertainty.

Grief Support

Holding a funeral or memorial service for your loved one is a healing step in the grieving process. Family members and friends get a chance to say their goodbyes, and at the same time, they get to share strong feelings with one another.

In the days, weeks, and months following the service, people continue to need others to lean on for understanding, encouragement, and guidance. For that reason, many local and national support groups have formed. These groups provide a common place and a comforting environment for expressing emotions through each phase of the grieving process. 

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To learn more about our affordable funeral services and grief resources, call the staff at McCutcheon's Funeral Home & Cremation Services or Kenneth L. Jones Funeral Home. 

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